About Romi Machine Tools Ltd

The Company

Founded by Americo Emilio Romi in 1930 as an automobile repair shop in Santa Barbara d’Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Industries Romi S.A. has grown to become a global leader in Machine Tools, Plastic Injection Molding Machines, High Precision Adjustable Boring Systems and Rough and Machined Castings. Its products and services are marketed domestically and exported to five continents for industries such as automobile and automotive components manufacturing, consumer goods, agricultural machinery and implements, and industrial machinery and equipment. Our brand name is synonymous with quality, technology and reliable products
and services.


Products We manufacture Machine Tools (metal cutting machines and metal removal equipment such as CNC Lathes, Conventional Engine Lathes, and Machining Centers); Plastic Injection Molding Machines; and Rough or machined grey, ductile and vermicular castings.

Romi invests about 4% of its annual net earnings into developing new products and technologies. It holds over 60 patents and has a further 30 patents pending in Brazil and overseas. In addition to developing its proprietary technologies, Romi supplements its technological strength through cooperation agreements with industry leaders like Emag Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Germany), Kira Corporation (Japan) and Colombo Filippetti Torino SRL (Italy).
Manufacturing Facilities
The Industries Romi S.A. plant is located in Santa Barbara d’Oeste, about 130 km from Sao Paulo city. It comprises over 140,000 m2
of built area and nine manufacturing facilities, whose advanced, integrated CAD/CAM systems provide flexibility and high performance throughout the manufacturing process.

Our products are marketed directly to domestic customers through more than 30 branches and sales offices nationwide. This distribution system allows Romi to deliver a wide range of before and after-sales engineering services, technical assistance and replacement parts. Romi has been active internationally since 1944, and today its products are marketed through a worldwide distribution network. The Company also has sales and services subsidiaries in the U.S.A. and Germany to grow Romi’s positions in these important markets.

Certified Quality
Romi’s Quality Management System has been certified since 1994, and we earned an ISO 9001 (2000) certification from ABS Quality Evaluations for:

the design, development, production, sales and services related to machine tools, plastic injection moulding machines and Romicron® high precision boring systems; and the manufacture and sales of castings, machined parts and machining services.

Romi’s products and services also meet a wide range of stringent international technical quality and safety standards, including an EC certification for the European Common Market.

Integrated Corporate Management System
As a global company providing products and services to countries and markets worldwide, each of Romi’s business units are linked by an integrated corporate management system.

Combining environmental responsibility with a commitment to sustained growth, Romi has long invested in more efficient infrastructure and technologies to prevent pollution in every aspect of its activities. Thanks to these ongoing efforts, on August 12, 2005 Romi became ISO 14001 certified.

Human Resources
Romi constantly invests in the development of its people, who are the fundamental element of the Company’s results and growth. Romi also provides benefits for the health and welfare of its employees and their families.

Social Stance
To underline the Company’s position that its people are its most valuable asset, in 1957 founder Americo Emilio Romi and his wife Olimpia Gelli Romi created a foundation to help provide healthcare, education and recreation benefits to staff members and their dependents. More recently, this foundation’s efforts have been increasingly directed toward educational and cultural activities which are available free of charge to the community.