Total quality is no longer the difference between companies. It is the only way to guarantee a company’s survival. The fast social and economic changes generated by globalization force us to be more nimble and prepared.

In this environment, machines play a decisive role: every day they are faster, more accurate and more reliable. They constitute the key factor to face the challenges generated by the changes. If quality is everybody’s objective, Romi is able to meet that need, either through the supply of high-quality machines and equipment or through its well equipped worldwide distribution network.

For Romi to supply quality machines and services, we must better ourselves everyday. We accomplish this through the utilization of the best technology available and with employees who are able to exceed our customers’ expectations. Romi has pursued this daily objective for over 70 years. Romi’s facilities are equipped with the most advanced industrial equipment, a concentration of machinery and heavy equipment rarely found in the world, installed in 7 plant units, totaling 137 thousand square meters of area. We employ approximately 2,000 professionals. And we maintain a stock of 4 million dollars worth of spare and replacement parts consisting of more than 21,000 different items. Romi has manufactured and sold approximately 150,000 machines worldwide.


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