ROMI T Series

Universal Lathes

ROMI T 350
ROMI T 500
Lead screw and feed rod protection system
ROMI T Series


Universal lathes from ROMI T Series were carefully designed for offering total safety for the operator, according to standard NR-12.

They are safe, versatile, reliable machines, ideal for tooling, maintenance, and teaching work, due to the variety of optional available, for setting the machine according to the application’s needs.

A very large variety of combinations of pitches and infeeds is possible to be obtained, due to its set design. Over and above, by making only one change in the end gear, it is possible to obtain two settings of threads: one for metric thread and inches, other for module thread and Diametral Pitch.

ROMI T Series

Main Technical Features

ROMI T 240ROMI T 350ROMI T 500
(*) Only for ROMI T 500 - 3.25 m between centers
Centers heightmm (in)220 (8,7)268 (10,6)342 (13,5)
Swing thru gap (A) mm (in)--855 (33,7)
Gap lenght at front face (*) mm (in)--220 (8,7)
Spindle thru-holemm (in)52 (2,0)52 (2,0)52 (2,0)
Speed rangerpm44 to 2,240 29 to 2,00035 to 1,800
Main motorhp7,57,57,5
ROMI T Series


ROMI T Series


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